CartoCSS Library

Great CartoCSS documentation shared by nebulon42 on Github Carto documentation The following is a list of properties provided in CartoCSS that you can apply to map elements. All elements image-filters functions agg-stack-blur emboss blur gray sobel edge-detect x-gradient y-gradient invert sharpen color-blind-protanope color-blind-deuteranope color-blind-tritanope colorize-alpha color-to-alpha scale-hsla Default Value: none (no filters.) A list of … More CartoCSS Library

Migrating tables from PostgreSQL to MSSQL Server

OGR2OGR: If your user account has permission you can set the trusted_connection to true and there is no need to add uid and password info. ogr2ogr -f “MSSQLSpatial” “MSSQL:server=servername;database=databasename; “postgresservername user=user dbname=postgresdatabasename password=****” “postgrestablename” If, however, you need to connect using different credentials set the trusted_connection to false and that will force the tool to … More Migrating tables from PostgreSQL to MSSQL Server

How to remove headers when concatenating multiple files

After trying numerous commands and OS for this, I settled upon the most succinct and efficient; The ‘awk’ command (Linux). awk ‘FNR==1 && NR!=1{next;}{print}’ *.csv> ALL.csv FNR is the number of records/lines read of current file NR is the number of records/lines read overall The query therefore, works by saying skip the line if it’s … More How to remove headers when concatenating multiple files

PostgreSQL Session Management

Identifying current connections/queries   SELECT * from pg_stat_activity; To stop a query   SELECT pg_cancel_backend(procpid); To kill the connection   SELECT pg_terminate_backend(procpid);   Tips Run (select * from pg_stat_activity) in pgAdmin to get a clear table structure to identify procpid numbers If the item you have terminated remains in the list  (from select * from … More PostgreSQL Session Management

GDAL/OGR cheat sheet

(A copy of a post by dwtkns on github) The holy grail for GDAL/OGR command-line geodata tools Vector operations Get vector information ogrinfo -so input.shp layer-name Or, for all layers ogrinfo -al -so input.shp Print vector extent ogrinfo input.shp layer-name | grep Extent List vector drivers ogr2ogr –formats Convert between vector formats ogr2ogr -f “GeoJSON” … More GDAL/OGR cheat sheet